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Informal sailboat races are held on White Lake during the summer. Everyone is invited to participate - no racing experience is necessary. We have great time, and hope to share these good times with more racers. This is all for FUN, and for others to enjoy the spectacle of colorful sailboats racing on the lake. Anyone who has a sailboat on the lake is encouraged to join us!

Winning or losing doesn't matter in this race! The important thing is playing a good game.

Races will be held on Tuesday Evenings. If the weather conditions are not good for sailing on a Tuesday evening, the race will postponed to Thursday evening. Richard Gilbert will e-mail those on his contact list* by no later than 5:00 pm if the race is cancelled.

Starting time: for single hulls is 6:00 pm and for multi-hulls is 6:10 pm. This will help to keep the racers closer together, thereby adding to the fun. Starting times are final but late-comers may start when they arrive.

On race evenings, a committee boat (generally a purple pontoon boat) will be anchored as shown below: The starting line will be between the anchored committee boat and a buoy near shore.

Check the Sailflow Website for current wind speeds, weather forecasts, and more!

sailboat course

Map by Debi Parrett

The starting signals consist of a horn or whistle from the Committee Boat:

  • 5 minutes before start--1 long blast
  • 3 minutes before start--3 long blasts
  • 2 minutes before start--2 long blasts
  • 1 minute before start--1 long blast
  • 30 seconds before start--3 short blasts
  • 20 seconds before start--2 short blasts
  • Beginning 5 seconds before start--1 short blast each second
  • START--1 long blast

Boats follow the general race course outlined on the map above. Boats will sail around the course once or twice depending on wind conditions.

The committee boat may leave at 7:30 pm. Boats finishing after this may take their own finishing time.

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