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White Lake Sheriff's Marine Patrols

Report serious incidents or dangerous activity on the lake immediately by calling the Oakland County Sheriff Dispatcher at 248.858.4950 or by calling 9-1-1

During the Summer season, there are weekend, holiday, and random mid-week marine patrols on White Lake by the Oakland County Sheriff Marine Unit. These patrols are managed by the White Lake Citizens League, and funded from the Special Assessment District.

Boaters on White Lake are encouraged to read and follow The Handbook of Michigan Boating Laws and Responsibilities, which contains information about the regulations enforced by the Sheriff Marine Unit, as well as valuable information about safe boating practices. See more information on the Boating Safety & Regulations page.

Summary of 2018 Information
May 26, 2018 - September 3, 2018


Patrol Hours 207.25 
Total Hours Billed (@ $33.83/hour)207.25
Total Cost Billed
(Special Assessment District funds)

Number of Contacts 362
Number of Tickets 10
Number of Warnings 245
Number of Complaints 0
Number of Safety Inspections 142
Number of OUIL Arrests 0
Number of Calls for Service 47
Number of Citizen Assists 5

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