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Archive of 2016 reports
from "The White Lake Fisherman"

Spring 2016 Report

2016 has presented itself as a challenge for ice fishermen since there were only 2 weeks that one could ice fish this year. Ice did not form on our lake until after the new year. It never got over 8 inches thick, and safe ice was limited. Climate change can be blamed, but it is what it was.

April is a no fishing month but opening day is just around the corner for pike and walleye (last weekend of April/May). Good luck since the water is still very cold but the fishing maybe hot. Let me know.

The White Lake Citizens League Fishing Tournament is coming soon. The date is Saturday June 11th, which is a free fishing weekend. Mark this on your calendar.

On a separate note, over the winter I met the real White Lake Fisherman. His name is Brian. He has fished White Lake for many years, and knows the lake for fishing better than anyone I know. Brian has won many tournaments on the lake, and usually participates in the Tuesday tournament (and usually wins it). He limits out his catches almost every time. His secret... live bait. Yes, there is more than that but he is quite the fisherman. I plan on going out with him in the future. I will let you know how we did.

Good luck and see you at our tournament,

The White Lake Fisherman


2016 Fishing Tournament

The 5th Annual WLCL Fishing Tournament is Saturday, June 11th. This is the time again to show your stuff on how you can catch fish on White Lake and take home some nice prize money and later get some recognition with a nice plaque commemorating the event with your buddies at a recognition event.

Men, woman, children, and families are welcome to participate. Each boat is responsible for their own fishing equipment. All of the rules are listed below. Good luck! Click here to see photos and information about the 2015 winners!

White Lake Fishing Tournament
Rules and Regulations

  1. Tournament is open to all species of fish
  2. All fish caught must be caught in White Lake, Oakland County, Michigan
  3. All fish catching methods are acceptable
  4. All fishermen must abide by MDNR regulations for licenses*, fish size, and boating safety
  5. All fish submitted for weigh-in and measurement must be legal size (others will be discarded and not counted as part of the catch)
  6. Only fish caught between the time of 7:00 am - 12:00 Noon Saturday June 11, 2016 are eligible for prize entry
  7. Fish must be live for measurement if possible
  8. There is no limit to the number of fishermen per boat, however at least one person on the boat MUST live on White Lake
  9. Combined weight of 3 largest fish per boat only for prizes regardless of the number of fish caught
  10. Tournament starts at 7:00 am (with air horn sound)
  11. Tournament ends at 12:00 Noon at the docks of the White Lake Inn (with air horn sound)
  12. Tournament registration forms are available here
  13. Tournament registration will be from 6:15-6:55 am at the White Lake Inn
  14. Registration tournament entry cost is $30.00 per boat (cash only)
  15. Each registered boat will receive a YELLOW WLCL FLAG that MUST be displayed to help identify the boats in the tournament
  16. The tournament director reserves the right to inspect any boat for fish prior to tournament
  17. Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Largest one fish, largest combined weight of 3 fish or less per boat (1st and 2nd place prizes)
  18. Special prize: Largest walleye
  19. Tie breaker is overall length of largest fish
  20. The YELLOW WLCL FLAG must be returned upon fish weigh-in
The White Lake Fisherman - Tournament Director

*NOTE: This is part of a Michigan Free Fishing Weekend, so a Michigan fishing license is NOT required to fish in the tournament!


Click here to see photos and information about the 2016 winners!


Late Summer / Early Autumn 2016 Report

So have you been fishing White Lake? Doing any good? Well it does not get any better than this. Yes, the warm summer temperatures have caused a lot of the fish to stay deep, but at least you know where they're at. Fish deeper than normal since the weeds are down.

Yes... the weeds are down. We had 3 applications of Sonar this year and the results are just great. (Clearer water and lower weeds). Thank you WLCL for your efforts to maintain our lake.

Water temperatures have set some records for surface temperature on our lake. I measured the surface temperature of our lake at 84 degrees a few weeks ago. This is unheard of, but it is what it is. Last week the temperatures were in the mid-70's.

Again - fish deeper. I have talked to many fishermen, as well as watched the boat launch parking lot. The word is out... the bite is on. Last Saturday I fished with my sister-in-law in the rain. The fish would not stop biting. Great day. Many keepers.

Tip of the day... use live bait.

Okay, now let's go fishing. Good luck.

The White Lake Fisherman


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