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Where Does My Money Go?

Several entities collect money related to White Lake, and it can be confusing ... Below is a summary of some of them:

THE MONEY COMES FROMa special assessment on your Winter Tax Bill (currently lakefront properties pay $165 per year; lake access properties pay $20 per year).
THE MONEY IS USED FORlake weed control and water quality testing, dredging and engineering studies, Marine Sheriff patrols, and legal/administrative fees (public hearings, mailings, etc.). Any new uses must be approved at a public hearing.
THE MONEY IS MANAGED BYthe White Lake Improvement Board (WLIB), consisting of the White Lake and Highland Township Supervisors, an Oakland County Commissioner, a representative of the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, and a representative from the White Lake Citizens League. The WLIB delegates administration of most projects to the White Lake Citizens League.
FOR MORE INFORMATIONsee www.wlcl.org/sad.shtml

THE MONEY COMES FROMvoluntary annual memberships ($25), voluntary donations during the membership drive and at area merchants, profits from the annual Pancake Breakfast and Home Tour, merchandise sales, and business donations (cash and merchandise).
THE MONEY IS USED FORthe annual fireworks display, prizes for the boat parade, water quality monitoring and education, Michigan Lake and Stream Associations (MLSA) membership, and social events.
THE MONEY IS MANAGED BYthe Board of Directors of the White Lake Citizens League.
FOR MORE INFORMATIONsee www.wlcl.org

THE MONEY COMES FROMannual membership dues/maintenance fees collected from each property owner in the 7-Harbors subdivision.
THE MONEY IS USED FOR "maintaining all subdivision roads, parkways, beaches, and such property owned by the Association for use of all property owners who are paid up members in the Association, and for incidental expenses incurred in carrying on the work".
THE MONEY IS MANAGED BYthe Executive Board of Trustees of the Beaumonts' Seven-Harbors White and Duck Lakes Association.
FOR MORE INFORMATIONsee www.7-harbors.org

THE MONEY COMES FROMthe "White Lake Level" assessment on your Winter Tax Bill. The assessment is based on the type and location of your property.
THE MONEY IS USED FOR operation and maintenance of the augmentation well and pump for the lake.
THE MONEY IS MANAGED BY the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner.
FOR MORE INFORMATIONsee www.oakgov.com/water

for more information e-mail
president@wlcl.org (Bill Maine)
weeds@wlcl.org (Frank Dyson)
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