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Lake Access Ordinances

Highland and White Lake Townships both have ordinances regarding access to the lake by property owners:

Highland Township Lake Access and Docking Ordinance

White Lake Township Lake Control Ordinance

These ordinances contain definitions and regulations concerning single-family and multi-unit residential and commercial lake frontage sites.

NOTE: All Highland Township ordinances are available online at: Highland Township Online Code of Ordinances.

Highlights (single-family residential lake frontage sites):

Both the White Lake and Highland Township ordinances prohibit docking of boats not registered to the property owner for longer than 72 hours:

"If a boat, which is registered with the State of Michigan to someone other than the property owner where the boat is docked, has remained on that property for a period of seventy-two (72) consecutive hours, the police agency shall do all of the following:" [Click here to read the entire enforcement process. See also White Lake Township Ordinance Enforcement policy.]

Highland Section 24.52.(b)

Additionally, the Highland Township Ordinance prohibits more than 1 dock or more than 4 boats per lake frontage:

"Not more than one (1) dock shall be permitted or used for each lot which has lake frontage and which meets all lot area and frontage requirements of the zoning ordinance"

Highland Section 24.52.(c)

"Unless otherwise provided herein, or unless otherwise allowed through special land use or planned unit development, no more than four (4) boats shall be launched from and/or docked adjacent to each lake frontage for a period of seventy-two (72) consecutive hours. All such boats shall be registered with the State of Michigan to the property owner where the boat is docked."

Highland Section 24.52.(a)

Firearms Ordinances

If there is hunting in violation of a local ordinance, it can be reported to the
This hotline serves as a dispatch center for conservation officers who are equipped with vessels and can respond and investigate the violations reported.

DNR Report All Poaching website

White Lake and Highland Townships both have ordinances regarding use of firearms and hunting:

White Lake Township Hunting Area Control Ordinance

Highland Township Firearms Ordinance


White Lake Township firearms prohibited area The White Lake Township ordinance prohibits any hunting or discharge of firearms on the portion of White Lake or the area surrounding the lake within White Lake Township:

"Hunting for any wild animal or bird with a firearm or the discharge of a firearm is prohibited within the following described area...". (Click here for a larger map of the area (Section 203) included in this ordinance.)

White Lake Ordinance No. 63, Section 203

The Highland Township ordinance prohibits any discharge of firearms :

  • Within four hundred fifty (450) feet of a dwelling or occupied structure, which is not owned or occupied by the person discharging the firearm.
  • Within four hundred fifty (450) feet of an area in which one (1) or more persons are actually or usually present, and the discharge of a firearm near the area would reasonably cause apprehension or danger to such persons.
  • Upon or across any public road or highway within the township; or across adjacent property, without the express written permission of the property owner of said property.
Highland Section 15.184.

Fireworks Ordinances

Residents of White Lake Township can only set off consumer fireworks on the day before, the day of, and the day after a national holiday. There is no restriction on the time of day fireworks can be used. Click here to view White Lake Township Ordinance 136.

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